What exactly do we mean when we say body to body massage?

Explore a wide range of globally-inspired spa rooms, uplifting aromas, soothing steam, and calming music. Discover how our relaxing massage treatments relax your body and clear your mind.

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About Us

Bangalore, a city that never sleeps is a city beautiful too. Thousands of people move to the city every year for new job opportunities, business opportunities and many other reasons. Since the city is famous for its allure locations, delicious food and amazing nightlife, it is sure at the end of the day everybody wants a peaceful sound sleep.

U2spa services, a place and name known for its quality services to its customers. No matter what profession you are in, at one point you will feel hectic and stressed out. There is always a need for the human body to get relaxed and feel pressure-free. If you also think the same then you are probably reading the right kind of information.


What exactly do we mean when we say body to body massage?

As you all might be familiar, the word massage itself describes peace, relaxation, enjoyment, etc. you might have had a head massage at a salon or a full body massage once in your life. But what if we tell you that you have an amazing chance of getting a full body-to-body massage which not only involves a simple massage session but a steaming hot love making chance at the end!

Sounds exciting right?! Surely with U2spa services, you as our lucky customer can enjoy all the sensual and hot things in a massage session right away in Bangalore. We are located everywhere in Bangalore to serve people in and around the city. Let us now talk a little about what types of services we deal in? At our spa services, you will get a huge range of massage options. Following are the glimpses of what we do-

  • 1. Head massage
  • 2. Chest massage
  • 3. Upper body massage
  • 4. Full body massage with steam bath
  • 5. The erotic full body-to-body massage
  • 6. Sensual body touching massage

Apart from this, there are some special kinds of massages which we offer 24x7. Especially for our male clients, we have introduced some erotic massages which not only involve a simple massage session but a sexual ending. Surely the last two words might have excited you. But let us remind you this is just the starting and there are endless fun things to it.

Our purely sensual and sexual services include-

  • 1. 30 minutes blowjob session without a condom
  • 2. Hand job sessions without a condom
  • 3. Body-to-body massage ending with sexual intercourse
  • 4. Direct sexual massage

To all the men out there, the above words might have given you butterflies in your stomach and a little itch in your dick! Believe it or not, all the services mentioned are the same and more enjoyable than they sound.

We know what a man needs and we are ready to provide all those services to any of you. After a long hectic working week, you might expect that your wife or your partner may serve you with something new and sensual. But, this is not the case every time.

Sometimes your partner's touch will not satisfy you but a hot stranger girl’s touch can surely do wonders for you. All you need is a happy ending massage in Bangalore. Sexual satisfaction is what every man craves for and we are the hub of satisfaction. COME AND ENJOY OUR AMAZING B2B MASSAGES IN BANGALORE AND LET YOURSELF FEEL LIKE HEAVEN! You might be wondering that you can get such services at some other place also. It is true, but we guarantee you none of them would be as good as ours.

Why us?

U2spa services were started a long time ago and have been serving endless customers since then. You should choose us because we are the best Massage parlour in Bangalore.

Why do we claim so?

Below listed are some of the customer feedback points and our service guarantee points which makes us the best-

  • Affordable rates of any kind of massage
  • No fake services listed or promised
  • Internationally trained staff to provide customer satisfaction
  • 100% money-back guarantee if we fail to achieve our promise
  • Hygienic and clean place for customers
  • Offers and discounts for special customers

Now just think if you want a massage and you are getting all the above-listed things under one roof why would you choose someone else?

Our professional staff

Staff is what makes a spa or any other place worth visiting. Since we offer full body to body massages, both male and female staff members are involved in it. For our male customers, we have specially appointed highly trained female staff who is an expert in this field.

Our female staff girls are internationally trained in giving Thai massages, erotic blowjobs, sexual intercourse after the massage is over and much more. They will talk to you politely and sensually leaving no gap in your satisfaction rate.

All the pictures of the girls are mentioned in our online catalogue, the pictures are 100% valid and approved. You will get the same girl which you choose and you can enjoy endless hours with her. You can also get individual numbers of the girls so in future also you can get amazing massages.

How to reach or contact us?

Our website is fully functional and all our details are mentioned there. Our website https://www.u2spa.com/ contains the female staff member’s catalogue along with their pictures, details, etc. All the updated rate lists along with the massage details are mentioned.

Massage timings and services can be customized according to customer needs. For bookings, you can directly call us or message at our WhatsApp numbers mentioned in the home section. You can also email us when you want your appointment booked and your work will be done.

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