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Professional Massage and Spa Parlour in Bangalore

To thrive in the modern money-making world, men and women work all the time with their fullest potential. They work to feed their household and to achieve their high ended dreams. Very often, it happens that they get enough time to relax and chill for a while. Work-life literally takes a lot of toll on their body and soul.

If you’re one of those people who have been stressed out with work and finding it difficult to attain peace of mind and soul, this write-up is undoubtedly for you.

Massage services have come with such services where you can relieve your stress and take a break from a hectic work-life to rejuvenate yourself. Massages keep your body intact and afresh from all the junk you take to manage your work and personal life. It not only relieves the sore muscles in your body but also calms your soul to feel good and enjoy peace.

If you’re looking for body massage in Bangalore, contact U2Spa today to get the best body to body massages. In Bangalore, many vital players provide body massage services to an array of different clients, but our number of satisfied clients has no match. We are the best in the business.

Our Body Massage Spa

Body To Body Massage
60 min ₹ 3000
90 min ₹ 6000
Massage In Bangalore
60 min ₹ 3000
90 min ₹ 6000
Body Massage In Bangalore
60 min ₹ 3000
90 min ₹ 6000
B2B Massage In Bangalore
60 min ₹ 3000
90 min ₹ 6000
Happy Ending Massage In Bangalore
60 min ₹ 3000
90 min ₹ 6000
Massage Parlour In Bangalore
60 min ₹ 3000
90 min ₹ 6000
Hot Stone Massage
60 min ₹ 3000
90 min ₹ 6000

What is the U2spa service?

As a reputed parlour, we keep ourselves transparent in terms of the dedicated services we offer to our clients. Read below to know about the following questions:

  • What makes us best?
  • What services do we offer?
  • How do we provide optimum satisfaction to our clients?

Relax your body and calm your soul at U2Spa in Bangalore

Bangalore is undoubtedly the Information Technology (IT) hub of India. It is a city where everyone is in a hurry to meet their ends and to build a dream of their own. Its streets are full of shops and vendors. Its hotels conduct business meetings worth a million rupees every day.

To get an amount of relief from all the hustle-bustle in the city, you must contact a U2Spa parlour for the best Body Scrub-Wraps Centre in Bangalore for your peace of mind, body and soul. If you’re exhausted and your body needs relaxing moments, contact us now. We will take care of your body.

Here you will be in good hands who are professionally trained for the purpose. Our masseuses will cure your body of all the sore and tight muscles in your body. She will help you calm your soul.

body massage in bangalore

Erotic massages in Bangalore near you

We are also one of the few popular Beauty Treatments in Bangalore that provides erotic massages to its esteemed clients. We have managed to acquire a proper license and certification since this service requires thorough and strategically planned government authentication.

Not only are we done with these processes, but we have also managed to acquire professionals for the service. Equipment that is essential for erotic massages is also the need of the hour today. Certain technological pieces of equipment make a man or woman completely satisfied after an erotic massage.

Our masseuses are very professional in the business. What makes them even more attractive is their exquisite pretty looks. Book your slot today with them and relax every muscle of your body.

Why should you contact a Massage Parlour in Bangalore?

A massage parlor in Bangalore is where you get to relieve your body and calm your soul with a professional masseuse’s passionate service. With her tender hands, the masseuse touches your sore muscles and makes all the stiffness go away to make you feel relieved.

They are experts and professionals in the massage industry with their expertise in dealing with different types of bodies to offer exclusive solutions. They know what your body wants and which muscle needs more caress than the rest to help you rejuvenate fully.

Following are some of the scientifically proven benefits of a good massage. If your body gets proper treatment through massage, you will surely get the following benefits:

It reduces body stress and therefore perfectly calms your soul. Under a quality massage service, a masseuse rubs her palm across your body with some useful lotion to soften and relax your body parts. All these rubbings and caressing on your body makes all the stress go away and therefore ensures calming your soul.


Why you should prefer body massage?

A good massage from a professional hand increases your joint mobility and thus makes you more flexible. It also keeps you ready for any physical activity you are seeking to perform with passion.

It cures sore and tight muscles in your body. Sore and tight muscles result from the continuous sitting sessions or standing for hours due to specific work or travelling requirements.

Proper massage improves your physical wellbeing therefore helping to empower you. A masseuse rubs oil on the muscles of your body and gives it a perfect shape which thus eventually makes your body attractive.

A good massage not only takes care of your physical wellbeing but also takes care of your mental wellbeing as well. It calms your soul to the inner core. You will certainly receive peaceful sleep after a good massage, and also it enables you to think straight with a clear head.

It also boosts your immunity to help your body remain fit. Studies show that a massage makes your body more immune, and you will be less prone to disease.

massage centre in bangalore

Enjoy erotic massages in Bangalore at U2Spa

Now that you already know about the advantages of a regular massage let us tell you a secret about U2spa. We also provide the best female to male body massage services to our esteemed clients in your region here in Bangalore.

These messages aim at giving more pleasure to our clients. It relieves the sexual urges of our clients, too, while also taking care of their physical and mental wellbeing to ascertain they maintain their overall fitness level.

An erotic massage also explores the hidden sexuality of our clients. It touches your sensual organs and gives you that pleasure feel of a lifetime which you won’t ever miss.

body to body massage centres in bangalore

Why us?

During an erotic massage, the masseuse will put herself in different positions and techniques to help you reach at the climax and therefore gain that sexual satisfaction you often desired.

It includes slow and soft strokes of your libido with smooth and tender touches. An erotic massage also covers the oral experiences to achieve a heavy orgasm, thus fulfilling your dream.

For female clients, the U2Spa provides the same amount of pleasure-seeking massages to them with this assurance that they enjoy life to its fullest. Wouldn’t you love it when someone caresses your breasts, buttocks and muscles between your legs tenderly?

Won’t you have the pleasure of life when someone uses a sloppy lotion and applies it all over your body? And at the end, the masseuse uses the finger to make you reach the climax.

The pleasure of an erotic massage at U2Spa is equally suitable for you, irrespective of what gender you belong to.

The bottom line of an Best Spa in Bangalore is that the pleasure here is so good that it will make you moan and groan in ecstasy.

Let us enlighten you with some of the advantages you get from an erotic massage which are as follows:

It boosts your sexual stamina. The steamy oily sessions you will have with our masseuse will give you the arousal for sure. She will use her hands to make you last longer and teach you to perform incredibly well in bed.

massage centres in bangalore

It helps you to explore your sexual interests. The moments you will share with the masseuse will give you the autonomy to explore your likes and dislikes in bed. Once you know what you want in bed, you can make the most of your time with your partner.

An erotic massage helps you relax and rebuilds your energy back again. Once you feel refreshed, you can enjoy a steamy hot session with your sexual partner in the best ways possible. Your performance will have new energy. To begin again, the good times in bed will get a new impetus.

If you’re insomniac or prone to an insomniac, an erotic massage is the best thing for you. Once you are fully relieved after an erotic session with your masseuse, you can sleep peacefully and will feel relaxed, relieved and light. Your sleep deprivation will vanish for sure.

Many studies show that a ‘healthy sex life can help reduce cardiovascular disease’. An erotic massage allows your heart to pump blood more freely, reducing the causes of heart attacks. The sexual stimulation you get during an erotic massage does this job for you.

An erotic massage helps you burn your calories as well. Once you get a heavy orgasm with your masseuse, you burn a lot of calories. It is a physical exercise with a lot of other pleasures.

Last but not least, an erotic massage gives you sexual satisfaction that you have been having for an extended period. The sensual strokes of your libido by the oily hands of your masseuse will give you the ecstasy of a lifetime.

Those are some of the benefits you can have after going through our happy ending massage Bangalore. These messages are not very common in India. People go to Thailand to get such messages.

Now you can enjoy such soul pleasing touches in Bangalore itself. The services are available for both males and females. All you need to do is browse through our website and contact us. We will take care of the rest.

body to body massage in bangalore

Prenatal Massage in Bangalore

Women who are going through pregnancy suffer a lot of issues with sore muscles and muscle tightening. Carrying a baby inside takes a lot of effort on the part of the mother. They undergo tremendous stress throughout prenatal time. If you are keen to get relief from the physical uneasiness, a proper massage can help you the most.

A proper massage reduces the physical stresses that they go through and helps them strengthen their mental wellbeing. Doctors recommend such massages as it is completely safe and helps immensely during the pregnancy period.

Though there is no fixed timing for getting a massage, you can bring any time during those nine months. We recommend you get a massage regularly during the first trimester for complete safety.

An average period for such massages is 45 minutes to 60 minutes. The pressure during a prenatal massage is very mild. The focus area of the body during the female to a male spa near you are the lower back, hips, and legs.

A prenatal massage is also done on a particular kind of table designed for pregnant women.

One more thing that you should always keep in mind before getting a U2Spa Bangalore is regularly keeping your doctor in the loop about your visits to the Spa.

We are just one call away from you. If you’re pregnant and feel like getting a massage, let us know. Our professional masseuse will take care of your body correctly. Their experienced hands will caress your body in ways that will soothe your body and mind completely.

b2b massage in bangalore

We give our clients full autonomy to select the masseuse by themselves. We make sure that you choose the woman who touches your body. If you prefer a masseuse of Indian origin, we have them for you.

If you want a masseuse of a foreign land, we have those as well. All you need to do is let us know, and we will deliver them to you.

Once you’re with our masseuse, she will make sure you enjoy the massage to the fullest. If it is a B2B massage, she will rub her naked body against yours. The oil or lotion between your bodies will make the session even more enjoyable.

She will explore your sensual organs and touch your erogenous zones. At the massage table, you can relieve every bit of your muscle from the tender hands of our masseuse.

What do U2Spa offer to you?

Our Body to Body Massage Centres in Bangalore provides a range of services to its clients. These services cover relieving body massages like body massage, head massage, erotic massage, oily massage, body to body rubbing massage and many more. Let us know about them in a more detailed manner.

nuru massage in bangalore

1. Body massage in Bangalore

The U2Spa is one of the best places to get a body massage Spa in Bangalore. Here the masseuses are well qualified and well trained in the massage industry. They have adequate knowledge about the human body and the anatomy of its muscles.

With us, your body will get the proper treatment it deserves. Your sore muscles will be gone, and you will feel afresh again.

We offer body massage services that will calm your soul and relieve your body.

2. Relieving head and foot massages

The head and foot massages here are the best. The masseuse will use a natural oil to rub your head and foot to give a relieving effect. While you will be resting on the bed, your masseuse will gently caress the muscles in your head and foot.

Their tender hands will take away all the tightness and soreness you might have. This service includes taps gently in your scalp to calm you. The foot massage is there to give you a stimulating effect.

body massage centres in bangalore

Body to body massage in Bangalore

These are the massages men and women of refined tastes prefer. Here the masseuse will share her body with you to give a skin to the skin feel. The oily body of yours will get the treatment of lifetime by another body.

At U2Spa, all our masseuses are breathtaking pretty and soft. With them, you can get passionate sessions at the body massage in Bangalore.

They will rub their oily body with yours while keeping your pleasure at the top. Their soft and tender muscles at the breasts and buttocks will give you the satisfaction you might have never experienced in life.

4. Thai Massages in Bangalore

If you want to enjoy a Thai Massage in Bangalore, we are there for you. Now you don’t need to go to Thailand to enjoy a traditional Thai massage. We have professionals and esports masseuses in Bangalore who can give you such massages in no time.

A Thai massage is known for the relieving effect it has on its clients. It renews your energy and makes you feel fresh.

One more advantage of a Thai Massage is that it doesn’t apply any lotion or oil to the clients’ body. So if you’re allergic to oil or cream, you can enjoy a Thai Massage with us. The result will be so good that you won’t forget us for a long, long time.

happy ending massage in bangalore

5. Erotic Massages

To give erotic massages to our clients is our especially. These messages aim at the sexual satisfaction of our clients. Here the masseuse not only rubs and cures your sore and tight muscles across your body, but she will also treat the muscle of your libido very well.

It involves the gentle and slow strokes of your libido to give you the ultimate pleasure. Until you reach the climax, you will be given treatment.

Our female clients also get to enjoy the time of her life. Their tender muscles viz. muscles between their legs, or buttocks, and their breasts will be caressed with the soft hands. The playful activities by the fingers will help you reach climax.

An erotic massage at U2Spa will give you the time of a lifetime.

This massage service is our most demanded service in the area. Several men prefer female to male body massage in Bangalore. It includes body massage with a pinch of eroticism.

The female masseuse will take care of your body as her lover. She will apply lotion all over your body. They will rub and titillate your skin gently with their soft hands.

They are aware of which body part requires more attention and more rubbings. They know the art of making men satisfied very well. Once you lie on the massage table, leave everything to them. They will give you pleasures beyond imaginable.

Our female masseuse has expertise in treating your body in ways that your girlfriend or your wife have not treated you. Get the most of it by contacting us today.

massage center in bangalore

7. In-call and out-call massage services

At U2Spa, you get to enjoy both in-call and out-call massage services. These two services aim at making things easy for you to access our masseuse.

In an in-call massage service, the masseuse will come to visit your place. Here you get to enjoy the massage at the comfort of your house, hotel or any location of your choice.

The masseuse will visit your site with all the necessary ingredients to relieve your body and calm your soul. Now can you enjoy a massage at home in Bangalore?

While on an out-call massage service, you must travel to the masseuse’s place to get the message.

Here you will not have to incur any charges on the hotel or the home. All you need to do is travel to the place and get yourself relieved. Once you arrive at the masseuse’s site, she will take care of your body as it deserves.

8. Massage services by foreign hands

We also understand if you want foreign hands on your body for a massage. A massage is all about getting the pleasures and relief from all the stress that accumulated in you. To get relief from sore and tight muscles, we can get them for you if you prefer a masseuse from a foreign land.

Masseuses from foreign lands are petite and good at pleasing clients. They are good with tongues as well. Once you’re with a foreign masseuse, not only will she rub your tender muscles, but she will also show you heaven by licking your libidos.

vip spa body massage center in bangalore

Get them today at U2Spa Bangalore

Apart from the massage mentioned above, we also provide several other massage services. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Chest Massage
  • Tantra Massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Shiatsu Massage

Why should you contact U2Spa?

We claim to be the best in the massage business, but we have achieved brilliant client reviews with incredible performances by our masseuses. We are known in Bangalore for our services.

Below are some of the customer services that we are adhered to at all costs. It makes us the best in the industry. Here they are:

full body massage in bangalore

1. Available at Affordable Rates

What makes U2Spa more accessible than others is its affordable rates. We understand that to have a massage, you might be spending a lot of money. Everyone feels the urge to be relaxed and calm. So to get a good massage, people spend lots of money and do not get proper satisfaction.

Well, at U2Spa, you get to meet well-trained masseuses at relatively low rates. With us, you will be spending less and get proper satisfaction after the service as well.

Whatever message service you prefer, be it body to body massage, parental massage, or erotic massage, we have it all for you at cheaper rates. Contact us and we will take care of your pockets.

2. Provision of Services as Promised

Usually, in the massage services, many parlours promise many services in their brochure, but once you lay down at the massage table, you get none of them.

Your expectations are not met, and instead of getting relief, your body gets more exhausted. You are not delivered what you’re promised.

At U2Spa, we deliver what we promise. Our commitment to delivering what we promise has kept us intact in the business.

We make sure you get the right amount of services as you’re expecting from our masseuse. Until you’re delighted with our service, our masseuse will not let you leave the massage table.

best massage centres in bangalore

3. Money-back Guarantee If Services Are Not Up to the Mark

As you already read about the different services we provide to our clients, we would like to inform you that if we fail to deliver the promises, we will return your money.

U2Spa is the only Body Massage Parlour in Bangalore that offers a money-back guarantee to its clients if the service is not up to the mark.

We strongly believe in the client’s peace of mind. By paying us without getting good service, you will feel more exhausted and over-burdened. So we keep it very straightforward with our clients.

One of our customer service policies says, “The money is only legit if the customer is delighted”. We strongly believe in this.

4. Proper Maintenance of Health and Hygiene of Clients

A massage service is a very sophisticated service and requires an adequate amount of cleanliness and hygiene measures. A massage service can’t have the slightest compromise in hygiene.

At U2Spa, you get to enjoy your massage in an immaculate and neat place. We make sure that the sheet you lie on is washed every day, or the masseuse’s hands are purely washed, or the place is purely sanitized.

We take every possible hygiene measure to make sure you get to enjoy your massage without any interruption.

massage parlour in bangalore

5. Services by Professionally Well-trained Masseuse

Massaging a body is a skill. It is an art that cures sore and tight muscles of your body. To get a massage, you need to surrender your body to the masseuse.

If the masseuse is not well qualified and professionally trained, your muscles will get the wrong treatment creating further tension in your joints and muscles.

At U2Spa, your body will get the treatment from professionally prepared hands and expertise in massaging bodies. They have gone through rigorous training over the years for the service.

They know what treatment your body wants and will do the same accordingly. Once you surrender your body to them and lie on the massage table, you will be treated as it is supposed to be.

thai massage in bangalore

6. Confidentiality of Client’s Information

We provide some massage services that are taboo in India, and many of our clients are not comfortable talking about them in the open. Erotic massages and body to body massages are services where our clients prefer to keep their information confidential.

Be it in-call or out-call massage service, and your information is completely secure with us. We don’t share our client’s details with anyone at any cost. We make sure whatever service you get stays between us two, and no third party comes to know about it.

We believe once we secure your information correctly, you can enjoy the massage in a better way. And we are certainly good at it.

7. Delivering Services in Real-time

We don’t make you wait ever. We don’t want to stress you more by delaying our services to you.

We provide service in real-time. Once you contact us, we get started at that very moment. We are the best at saving our client’s time.

erotic massage in bangalore

How to Contact Us?

Contacting us is as easy as getting our massage service. Our website has all the important contact numbers you need. The significant WhatsApp numbers and email are there on the home page. You can either mail or WhatsApp us any time of the day to book an appointment.

If you have enough time, you can also browse the pictures of our female masseuse staff and have a look by yourself. The masseuses are the charms of our Spa parlour. They are exquisitely pretty and are brilliant at the job.

The updated lists and rates of the different massage services are also there. The massage timings are also there on the website.

Book your slot today to get the experience of a lifetime. We deliver what we promise. Get the best massage service from the best parlour in the business.

About Our Spa Center

Situated in the heart of Bangalore, at U2SPA, we take pride in offering our customers a diverse range of treatments that will bring a sense of calmness and relief. In addition to regular massage treatments, our offerings feature unique massages such as Lomi Lomi massage, Escorts Bangalore, Cupping massage, Bamboo massage, and more at highly competitive rates. Our spa center is well-equipped with luxury facilities and amenities, thereby guaranteeing you excellent hospitality coupled with unrivaled quality services.

erotic massage in bangalore

Our team comprises highly experienced therapists who are focused on providing unparalleled relaxation.

As we as well our day-to-day surroundings are becoming more and more modern and up to date. The stress which follows and comes with it too is increasing on a regular basis which can lead to any major or minor problems in an individual’s life.